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RainSong encourages the use of these First Nations style flutes for personal meditation and prayer.

No! RainSong doesn’t make these beautiful flutes, but they are the same ones Darlene plays.

The Flute-maker is Odell Borg who is of Ojibwe and German ancestry. The flutes are quality made from a solid piece of the finest aromatic cedar, finished with three coats of a non-toxic hardening oil for beauty, durability and clarity of sound. Each is tuned so it can be combined with other instruments. An instructional DVD and booklet is included with the purchase of each flute.

 More styles available: Contact Us for more information.


Sparrow Hawk – Am Key  w/Turquoise inlay


Am Sparrow Hawk $165 US + $10 S&H in the continental US


Red Tail Hawk – Gm Key w/Turquoise inlay


Gm Redtail Hawk $209 US + Shipping and Handling $10 in the continental US

Golden Eagle - F#m w/Turquoise inlay

Golden Eagle – F#m Key w/Turquoise inlay

Golden Eagle $229.00 US + $10 S&H in continental US

Condor Bass - Dm or Em w/Turquoise inlay

Condor Bass – Dm or Em w/Turquoise inlay

Dm Condor Bass Flute w/turquoise inlay $319.00 + $10 S&H

Em Condor Bass Flute w/turquoise inlay $319.00 + $10 S&H


This is a short clip of Darlene playing her flute in St. Patricks Chapel, Saul, Northern Ireland. This is the oldest church in Ireland established by St. Patrick.